In every hip­ster urban dweller’s exis­tence, there are cer­tain things that are non-negotiable: a good neigh­bor­hood cof­fee house, a pair of pre­scrip­tion optional thick framed glasses, sev­eral pairs of skinny jeans, a stun­ning fixed gear bike, and an apart­ment in the city.  And though these items a hip­ster make, inte­rior har­mony can be dif­fi­cult to achieve when your bicy­cle must coex­ist along­side your col­lec­tion of mid-century fur­ni­ture.  So after los­ing many nights’ sleep over how to beau­ti­fully dis­play my two-wheeled best friend, I present you with the sex­i­est of the sexy bicy­cle storage.

Metal Bike Valet by Recla­ma­tion Art + Furniture

1. The Bike Valet — Designed by Stephen Tiller of Recla­ma­tion Art + Fur­ni­ture, the Bike Valet is born of a nifty lit­tle Kick­starter project.  Made of steel and leather, and avail­able in a mul­ti­tude of col­ors (Red, Blue, Cream, Pale Green, Grey, Black), the metal Bike Valet is def­i­nitely at the top of my list for sexy fixie stor­age. It’s totally worth the $160 to be part of bicy­cle stor­age design his­tory — pur­chase at Reclamation’s Etsy shop.  



Wal­nut Bike Valet by Recla­ma­tion Art + Furniture


2.  The Wal­nut Bike ValetNot to be out­done by it’s stee­l­ier coun­ter­part, Recla­ma­tion Art + Fur­ni­ture also offers the Bike Valet in wal­nut.  A deli­cious blend of mid-century styling and fixed gear bicy­cles makes the wal­nut my favorite of the five bicy­cle stor­age options listed here.  Retail­ing at Reclamation’s Etsy shop for $185, this bike hanger, hel­met perch, stor­age box is sure to be at the top of every hipster’s shop­ping list.


The Cycloc by Cycloc

3. The CyclocAn oldie but a goodie, I have fan­cied the Cycloc for a few years now.  Com­ing to you from the great British minds at Cycloc, this bike hanger offers a 100% recy­cled ver­sion (black), and just a sim­ply ele­gant way to dis­play your bike.  It is also a great price at around $80 (pric­ing varies based on the exchange rate).  You can pur­chase in the states through sev­eral online retail­ers.





OakRak floor to ceil­ing bike rack by GearUp

4. OakRakFor those of us who can­not just start willy nilly screw­ing lag bolts into our rented walls, Gearup offers this beau­ti­ful wood rack that is held in place by ten­sion.  Leav­ing not so much as a tack hole behind, this ele­gant solu­tion is a per­fect way to store not only one, but two bikes.  Plus, with­out being con­stricted to the walls, the OakRak can also serve as a great room divider for a stu­dio apart­ment.  Not bad for $160.00. 





Reclaimed Wood Bike Rack by Cantileverandpress

5 — Reclaimed Wood Bike RackThis lit­tle num­ber caught my eye after I built a fence out of reclaimed pal­let wood.  With a newly devel­oped fond­ness for recy­cled wood and the story it tells, this offer­ing from Can­tileverand­press found it’s way into the top 5.  So sup­port a design­erly startup and pick one up for a mere $95.00.


That’s all I have for this week, but I would love to hear back if any of you have a beau­ti­ful solu­tion for bicy­cle stor­age.  Thanks for read­ing, and as always, please feel free to share, just please give me credit for my work when you do!  Cheers till next time.